By Curiah Emmanuel

Curiah Lee The Label was founded in 2019 by fashion designer Curiah L. Emmanuel. Her creative mindset allowed her to cultivate her visions into reality. 

Born in New York and raised in a Trinidadian household, she was able to embrace her culture and find inspiration around her. Curiah knew from the early of eight that she wanted to be a fashion designer. She wanted to create a brand where she could express her creativity and taste of style. By the time she was 17 she decided to take steps towards making her dreams and ideas a reality. 


"Every piece of my life has shaped Curiah Lee The Label as a brand and myself as a person/designer. Waking up everyday is a blessing and I show my gratitude by constantly working on my brand and becoming a step a closer to my visions. Working on my brand allows me to show gratitude to God for blessing with this ambition."